Our Rates

Thank you for looking into our rates at Tow 4 Less.
Hookup rate is $55
Per Mile rate is $3.00
Minimum fee is $55 (Jump Starts, Tire Changes, and Lockouts...)

The best way to get an accurate quote is to just call us. If you want to estimate your mileage yourself, goto google maps and click on, "Get Directions" to get your mileage figured up. Once you know how many miles, just multiply it times our per mile rate and add the hookup, and that is the total basic price. If you want to email us with any questions, Click Here.

At Tow 4 Less we do not charge any fuel surcharges. Many companies do, so keep this in mind when looking for a competitive rate. Our pickup rate is the rate we charge to show up and load the vehicle. Our per mile rate is figured from where we pick the vehicle up to where we drop the vehicle off. The basic rate assumes the vehicle rolls and steers and the keys are with the vehicle. Having the keys at the pickup makes the job go safer and easier as this allows us to unlock the steering and get the vehicle out of park. Extra fees are only applied when extra work is required. Extra fees are only charged in about 10% of all the work we do. Some examples of when extra work is required are the following: The vehicle is missing keys, missing wheels, has broken drivetrain, the wheels are locked up, or excessive wait time. Lockouts, jump starts, tire changes are all charged at the minimum fee.
Thank you!