Services we Provide

Tow 4 Less provides many services beyond just the simple tow. Fast prompt service comes first with us. If your tire is flat, one of our drivers will come out to change it for you. Keys locked in your vehicle? We will do what is called a lockout. Dead battery? A jumpstart might be just what your vehicle needs!

All of our trucks utilize a flatbed trailer. This way you can be 100% rest assured that your vehicle is safely transported. We also tow RV travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and goose-neck trailers.

Rapid dispatch is done by utilizing a computer order entry system, and radio communication. If you are stranded outside of the valley we will safely tow you back in.

Here is a list of common services we provide:
• Towing
• Jump Start
• Tire Change
• Lockout
• RV Trailer
• Gooseneck Trailer
• 5th Wheel Trailer