Towing Safety and Information When you Call

When you call, here are a few things you can do to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Safety First:
Be aware of your environment. Pay attention to traffic, visibility, heat and take action to protect yourself. This may mean getting off the roadway, or up an embankment. It is not safe to be on a roadway outside of your vehicle, unless you can put a lot of distance between you and your vehicle.

When You Call:
Help us by having the following information/items ready if possible. If not, call us and we will be happy to work out a solution for you.
• Vehicle Year, Make, & Model
• Contact Phone number
• Keys to the Vehicle (Safer - See Below)
• Does the Vehicle have four wheels?
• Any Flat Tires?
• Does it Roll & Steer?

(We assume the vehicle won't run, but having the keys to unlock the steering and take the vehicle out of park makes the job much safer and easier.)

Public Safety Announcement about moving over for first responders.